Earth has broken a new record and its not good

Just in from NOAA and NASA, the earth has just broken a new global temperature record. 2014 was the hottest year ever recorded on planet earth, surpassing 2010 and 2005 with an anomaly of +1.24 degrees F above average.

No one is going to argue that the Northeast had its hottest year on record. In fact, it was below average in 2014, one of the very few places on earth that was. The cold was extreme for us, contributing to gas shortages, damaging snowstorms, and unusually cold temperatures. With that being said, New England is not the world. Elsewhere around the globe, heat and excessive rainfall was the biggest concern. Such anomalies are attributed to the record ocean temperatures, which were 1.03°F above average. 2014 was, in fact, the warmest the ocean surface has ever been for as long as we have been taking records.

It seems like we hear about these weather extremes all the time now and it is important that we are not desensitized from the fact that these anomalies will continue to become more commonplace. There is no debate; the earth’s climate is changing and more records will be broken with each coming year.

For other anomalies from the past year, check out the graphic below  put together by NOAA.

See source article from Global Analysis – Annual 2014

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