Looks like we are coming into a more active weather pattern

Looking at the cold pattern breaking somewhat approaching this weekend as we see the potential for some light precipitation on Friday. Looks like a clipper low will move just north of us on Friday. These types of storms aren’t all that powerful because they are, for the most part, moisture starved. It is carrying a little more moisture than our last snow event on Tuesday, which had a similar setup but ran well to our south bringing little more than a few snow showers to the region. Southern New England may see a little more precip from this system on Friday, but as we are to the south of the main path, a little more wouldn’t be much. The National Weather Service is making estimates for a broad region of 1-2 inches. Regardless, the cold initial temps of the roads will make any accumulation problematic for travel. Wind will be an issue, gusting upwards to 40 mph Friday morning.

Looking forward to next week, we need to keep an eye out for possible snow Monday into Tuesday. The GFS model indicated a coastal storm passing east of the benchmark delivering some precipitation (cold enough for snow now) to Southern New England. As it stands now we could probably see a few inches out of it, but it is too early to tell for sure. Around the Thursday timeframe of next week, we see another chance for a coastal storm. GFS wants nothing to do with a storm impacting the region, but the ECMWF has a different story, bringing a Gulf Low right up the eastern seaboard. Very low certainty here, just worth pointing out.

Information sources: GFS, NWS forecast discussion, Model Output Statistics

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